10 Incredible Test Partnerships In The History Of Cricket!

10 Incredible Test Partnerships In The History Of Cricket!

Test Cricket is all about how long you can hold the crease while making as many runs as possible! Well, do you think a batsman alone can do it, even if he is incredible in his batting? Absolutely No! A test match cannot be won unless and until the two batsmen on crease pull off an outstanding partnership.

Here are 10 such test partnerships which have broken all records and exist as a pure, unadulterated specimen of praiseworthy teamwork in the history of test cricket!

Let us look at these awesome test partnerships!

  1. Kumar Sangakara & Mahila Jayawardene (Sri Lanka)

Starting on the 1st day of a test match, Sri Lankan batsmen Kumar Sangakkara and MahilaJayawardene showed a good time to South Africa at a test match in 2006. Maintaining their test partnership for over 3 days, the duo scored a commendable 624 runs.

  1. SanathJayasuriya & Roshan Mahanama (Sri Lanka)

In the year of 1997, SanathJayasuriya& Roshan Mahanamapulled off a great test partnership against India and scored 576 runs together, with Jayasuriya scoring 340 and Mahanama 225. This 2nd-second wicket partnership stayed the longest test partnership for a period of 10 years.

  1. AH Jones & MD Crowne (New Zealand)

This 3rd Wicket test partnership between AH Jones & MD Crowne brought New Zealand 467 runs against Sri Lanka in the year of 1991. The test match was held in Wellington and is still memorable because of the duo performance.

  1. WH Ponsford & DG Bradman (Australia)

The test match held in 1934 at the Oval in England, saw a great 2nd wicket partnership of 451 runs between Australian batsmen, WH Ponsford& DG Bradman. The match was against the host country, England.

  1. Mudassar Hussain & JavedMiandad (Pakistan)

In a 1983 test match held at Hyderabad between India and Pakistan, two of the Pakistani players, Mudasaar Hussain &JavedMiandad pulled an amazing 3rd wicket partnership of 451 runs.

  1. AC Voges& SE Marsh (Australia)

This test partnership between Australian players, AC Vogues & SE Marsh is a recent example of commendable teamwork. They maintained a partnership of 449 runs at a test match held on 10th December 2015 against West Indies.

  1. CC Hunte & GS Sobers (West Indies)

The West Indies players, CC Hunte and GS Sobers played a 2nd wicket partnership of 446 runs at a test match against Pakistan in 1958. They test was commenced at Kingston, Jamaica.

  1. MS Atapattu & KC Sangakkara ( Sri Lanka)

Sri Lanka has another feather in its cap when it comes to test partnerships. In 2004, in a test match against Zimbabwe, two of its commendable players MS Atapattu and KC Sangakkara managed a 2nd wicket partnership of 438 runs.

  1. MahilaJayawardene & TT Samaraweera (Sri Lanka)

All-time great player Jayawardene set an incredible 4th wicket test partnership with TT Samaraweera in a test match against Pakistan in 2009. Together they clinched 437 runs.

  1. JA Rudolph & HH Dippenaar (South Africa)

This 3rd wicket test partnership of 429 runs between South African players, JA Rudolph, and HH Dippenaar is worth praising. The duo gave a tough time to Bangladesh in the test match that was held in 2009 at Chittagong.


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