Man of the Matches in One day Cricket

Cricket is a game of many colors and is followed by most countries. Cricket is an interesting
game and is followed by people with passion. In a cricket match, every player of a team
puts some good performance. But there are some players whose plays a special role for the
team to win the match for the team. These players deserve some special recognition at the
end of the match. Those players become The Man of The Match for that particular game.
The man of the match is given to players are given to encourage the performer to play
better in the upcoming games.

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
    Sachin Tendulkar tops the list when it comes to crickets who won the most number
    of ‘Man of ’Man of the Match’ awards. He bags 62 ‘Man of the Match’ awards in 463
    ODI matches. He also holds the record of 9 Man of the Match awards in 45 matches
    in Cricket World Cup.
  2. Sanath Jayasuriya
    Known as other of the dashing left-hander batsman Sanath Teran Jayasuriya rose
    into the limelight during the 1996 World Cup. He is second in the world and the first
    Sri Lankan cricketer who won 48 ’Man of the Match’ awards in 445 matches.
  3. Jacques Kallis
    This guy is one of the best all-rounders that South Africa has ever produced. He had
    a calm presence on the field played for South Africa and ICC team. He has won 32
    ‘Man of The Match’ awards in 328 matches.
  4. Ricky Ponting
    Acknowledged as Punter, Ricky Pointing is the best batsmen in the modern era.
    Australia has won two cup matches under his captaincy. His style of batting and
    ability to score fast runs made him one of the fierce batsmen in world cricket. He has
    won 32 ‘Man of The Match’ awards in 375 matches.
  5. Shahid Afridi
    Shahid Afridi is one of the gifted all-rounders that Pakistan cricket team has. He has
    won 32 Man of the Match awards in 398 matches.
  6. IVA Richards
    When you talk of real legends in batting, the name of Sir Viv Richards will always
    remain on the top. A destructive batsman for West Indies he took 31 awards in just
    187 matches that he played for his team.
  7. Sourav Ganguly
    This man is known for his captaincy genius. He took over the reign when Indian
    cricket was going through a turmoil period. He has played 311 matches for India. He
    has won 32 ‘Man of the Matches’ in his 13 years illustrated career.
  8. Kumar Sangakkara
    If you are talking of stylish left-hand batsmen, Kumar Sangakkara is named you
    would like to take into account. He shares the same number of ‘Man of the Match’
    awards count with Richards and Ganguly and played 404 matches ODI for ICC, Sri
    Lanka and Asian teams from 2000 to 2015.
  9. Brian Lara
    Another batting legend in the modern era which is produced by West Indies is known
    as Brian Charles Lara. The elegant left-hander has 30 ‘Man of the Match’ awards in
    299 games and is the highest test scorer (400 runs) in test cricket.
  10. Aravinda De Silva
    The small sized batting genius from Sri Lanka has played over 308 One day
    international for the Islanders and shares the same number of ‘Man of the Match’
    award with Brian Lara. He helped Sri Lanka in winning the 1996 World Cup.

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