Is MS Dhoni India’s best-ever captain ? Yes.

Yes,While considering the best ever captain in our nation’s cricket history, fans will always give their opinion in a divided way. While one section gives their vote to the MS Dhoni, the others may root for Saurav Ganguly. We should not forget the name of Md. Azharuddin, too. But, if we go by the stats then no one can match to those records which almighty Dhoni has achieved over the years.
Record in ODIs
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Dhoni has surpassed the previous record-holder, Md. Azharuddin who held the previous record of winning 90 matches as a captain in ODIs in the year 2014. It is worthy to note that Azhar took 174 matches for the same while Dhoni broke the record in 162 matches. With the winning average of 61.5 percent Dhoni is way ahead in the league from the second, Rahul Dravid (56%). Dhoni bagged almost every ODI tournament to mention like Asia Cup, Champions trophy and the World Cup in 2011.

Captain Mat Won Lost Tied NR Win%
MS Dhoni 162 91 57 4 10 61.49
M. Azar 174 90 76 2 6 54.22
Ganguly 146 76 65 0 5 53.90

Record in T20s
Since the birth of this format, Dhoni was the leader for India except for three to four occasions. So while comparing to the other captains all over the world, he is having the most number of matches (48) as well as the most number of wins (26) till date. He is the undisputed ruler of this format not only India but also across the world. In addition, he also won the IPL twice and the Champions league and the first-ever T20 World cup in 2007.
Record in Tests
The previous record of a maximum number of Test match belonged to Sourav Ganguly (21 wins) but Dhoni shattered it and is way ahead in this format, too with 27 wins. Some though argue with that Ganguly does have a better win-loss ratio and Dhoni’s captaincy level outside the subcontinent. But, again Dhoni has captained over 50 test matches and still has a better winning percentage (46.55) than his next, Ganguly (42.86)

Captain Mat Won Lost Tied Draw Win%
MS Dhoni 58 27 17 0 14 46.55
M. Azar 47 14 14 0 19 29.79
Ganguly 49 21 13 0 15 42.86

Record outside Asia
Dhoni faced most criticism when it comes under this category. Among 24 test matches played outside Asia, he lost a massive 13 with a percentage of just 29.17 with just 4 wins. The next big name in the list i.e. Azhar who does not have a single win under these circumstances, managed to draw 12 tests while Dhoni has managed only in 9.
But, in overall records the veteran has overshadowed all his formers. His bat also fought valiantly when it needed the most as he is known as one of the best finishers in the world. So, the choice for the best Indian captain is up to the readers.