Top 10 lowest ODI totals in cricket history

When the smaller teams fail to score big against the behemoths, there’s no issue in that but there are instances when even the who’s who of International cricket has achieved shameful scores. Here’re top 10 of those incidents:

10. West Indies (54)
Starting the list with the Caribbean team in 2004 when they collapsed against the Proteas in their home ground of Cape Town. The Proteas bundled into the pavilion in only within 54 runs.

9. India (54)
A bad day for the Indian cricket as our beloved team got choked against fellow Sri Lankans. The shameful incident took place in Sharjah in October 2000 as they managed to play only 26.3 over.

8. Namibia (45)
The lilliputs of international cricket went against the world champions in 2003 world cup and the result was horrible as they were outsmarted only in 14 over. McGrath took 7 wickets for the Aussies.

7. Canada (45)
Canada took 40.3 over to score 45 runs in an average of 1.10 which is unimaginable in today’s cricket. The tragedy happened against England at Manchester in 1979.

6. Zimbabwe (44)
Two small countries went against each other in which Zimbabwe collapsed early as they were sent back to pavilion only in 44 runs by the Bangladeshis. Dhaka was the ground the match took place in 2099.
5. Pakistan (43)
The Pakistan team fell victim of the Caribbean pace attack in 1993. The bouncy pitch of Cape Town ground sent the entire Pakistan team to the dressing room in just 19.5 over.

4. Sri Lanka (43)
Once again the bouncy pitch of South Africa made Sri Lanka team got choked as they were demolished in only 43 runs. The Proteas pace battery bulldozed their way at Paarl in the year 2012.

3. Zimbabwe (38)
In the seaming weather condition, the Sri Lanka bowling attack literally made the Zimbabwe batsmen crying back to the dressing room. 2001’s Colombo was the ground where the match took place.

2. Canada (36)
Again, it is the Sri Lankan bowlers who had a roller coaster ride against the Canadian team as they bundled them back in the pavilion in just 19.2 over in the above-mentioned score at Paarl playground in 2003.

1. Zimbabwe (35)
It was a black day for the Zimbabwe cricket team as they got choked in their capital’s Harare sports ground against the Sri Lankan team. They only managed to last 18 over before scoring the lowest total in ODI cricket to date.