Will USA be a part of Cricket?

The Americans are considered to be a behemoth in every perspective be it politics, lifestyle, science and innovation, entertainment or especially in sports. They have excelled in almost every professional sports played around the world except for Cricket. They still don’t have an entire team that is made up of professional cricketers. This article is to throw a focus to the cause of their less interest for the cricket sport and whether they’ve potential to be the part of the Cricket world in the upcoming days.

It is a known fact that the Americans love to be a part of short span but exciting games. That’s why they are so fond of sports like fast scoring games like basketball (NBA is one of the most popular sports for them). They even like adventurous ice-hockey. Even the pro-wrestling circuit is one of the most popular sports entertainment made famous by the Americans. WWE or the MMA fights are sell out wherever they are hosted around the country.

On the other hand, Cricket is called the gentleman’s game. So, it is a slow paced game with all about batting or bowling techniques. This is not gelled well with the Americans and in past, they could not bear with the 5-day span of Test cricket.

As evidence, in mid-1800 Cricket was more famous in the US than baseball which is a similar bat and ball competition. But, Cricket lost its popularity since it was played in 5-day format and it was considered boring for them. Baseball competitions are generally over within 3 hours time. Also, the low scoring factor and batsmen connecting with the bat being a highly appreciable factor in baseball makes it worthy for the Americans rather than Cricket.

Though, now things have been changed moderately with the format of the cricket and the innovators came up with the idea of T-20 format which is a package of both sports and entertainment. It is one of the fastest paced games played and saw popularity within the US. It could manage to keep its existence with baseball and hence they are eyeing to appear in the shortest format of cricket game in the near future.

America is part of the World Cricket League officiated by the ICC from which qualifiers get a chance to play in the ICC world T20. The USACA (United States of America Cricket Association) was advised by the ICC to draw the strategic plan properly to spread the game more in the roots i.e. among the youth. The outline has been drawn with some targets like qualifying for the 2019 World Cup and 2020 World T20. There are also proposals for hosting the 2024 World T20 if allocations can be done in a rightmost way.

It was observed that a solid progress has been achieved thus far. Also, in addition, the all-stars T20 tournament was played by the star performers of the game in the USA baseball grounds. This came up with a positive outcome and we surely will see the USA more in the International Cricket picture, in near future.